A Length of Katazome Dyed Cotton: Graters and Interlocking Circles

$55.00 USD

early twentieth century
23 1/4" x 13 1/4", 59 cm x 33.5 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed katazome cloth that is hand woven from hand spun cotton yarns.  The indigo is rich in tone and the overall color is even.

The image is complex and interesting as it shows several motifs. The abstract lozenge shapes are fragments of an interlocking circle motif called shippo tsunagi: these fragments are scattered over the field of pattern. As well there are charming depictions of hand graters, the kind used in cooking. These graters are set against a bamboo trellis where cherry blossoms are seen. 

The length shows some patina from wear, but only slightly. The cotton cloth is well woven and still quite sturdy--but it is the interesting, complex pattern rich in traditional and some surprising motifs that is the delightful aspect and the reason to acquire this.

Really nice.