A Length of Katazome Cotton: Large Scale Tortoises and Cranes

$90.00 USD

early twentieth century
68" x 13", 173 cm x 33 cm

This is a good sized length of indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth. It shows a boisterous repeat pattern of large-scale cranes and tortoises that are rendered as roundels with a central, starburst-like chrysanthemum between them.

The katazome stenciling was applied to both sides of the cloth and because the registration of laying of the stencils was not properly done there is a kind of skidding effect to the clarity of the image, most notably around the edges.

Both tortoises and cranes are symbols of longevity so this length of cotton--take from a futon cover--is embedded with a hopeful message. There is some light fading and wear to the piece which is in good, used condition.

Bold and rustic.