A Length of Indigo Dyed Katazome: Sake Casks

$135.00 USD

early twentieth century
56" x 13", 142 cm x 33 cm

The imagery depicted on this wonderfully good length of katazome dyed cotton is both unusual and charmingly exuberant.

Shown is a repeat pattern of a cascading tumble of sake casks that are encased in woven rice straw.  The casks are set against a backdrop of twisting and turning fat, twined rope, white in color, and ground is dark blue.

The resist dyeing is strong and clear due to the length being stencil resisted on both its sides.  The attention to detail in the imagery presented on this cloth is fantastic.

The condition is good for used, old cotton with some inset creases from its former life of service.

Very unusual.  Very graphic.

Very recommended.

A Length of Indigo Dyed Katazome: Sake Casks