A Length of Indigo Dyed Cotton Shibori: Arimatsu

$30.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
38" x 13", 96.5 cm x 33 cm 

This is a lovely length of hand dyed, indigo cotton shibori, which was most likely produced in the Narumi/Arimatsu area of Japan, where so much of Japan's shibori production took place--and which is still very much associated with the art of shibori.

The vertically oriented, variegated blue-on-white striated pattern may be a machine-aided technique calledMatsubun suji; this streaked shibori pattern is punctuated by intermittent, vertical stripes of deep-colored indigo.  The cotton base cloth seems power loomed, but has a nice, medium-weight texture.

There is a soft cloud of indigo on the length, and, as this piece was taken from a yukata, or an unlined, casual, summer kimono, and, as such, there are some ingrained creases which may be permanently set into this cloth.  Also, on the top, short edge, you can discern a faint, red maker's mark which is still evident.

Gorgeous shibori.

A Length of Indigo Dyed Cotton Shibori: Arimatsu