A Length of Imagistic Kasuri: Spare, Stylized Sparrow and Bamboo

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
66" x 13", 167.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a good sized length of old indigo dyed kasuri cotton that shows highly stylized sparrows and equally abstracted bamboo stalks and leaves woven into the weft of the cloth..

Sparrows and bamboo are associated imagery probably because sparrows are often seen flocking in bamboo groves. The sparrow motif, however, bears a fairly noble meaning as it is said to convey "the virtue of repaying one's obligation."

The cloth is boldly designed: interspersed between the sparrows and bamboo are two "overlapping" squares and these are woven from warp and weft.

There is wear to the piece which is hand stitched of two pieces, a detail onto to this aspect is shown in the accompanying photos.

These highly abstracted images are the appeal of this length and they certainly are attention grabbers.

Really nice and a lovely take on a traditional motif.