A Length of Egasuri: Sparely Arranged Auspicious Symbols

$85.00 USD

mid twentieth century
60" x 13 1/2", 152.5 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed cotton kasuri cloth. Images have been woven into the cloth mainly using weft yarns; the central image of a well cover employs both warp and weft yarns to create the design.

This is an interesting length of cloth for its spare design and its several symbols. At top we see noshi--dried strips of abalone meant to convey good wishes--and a crane which symbolizes conjugal fidelity and wish for a long life.

Below it is a folding fan with what appears to show a peony and iris. The central image of the well cover is flanked by stylized kanji or Chinese characters.

The cloth shows ingrained creases running from selvedge to selvedge the result of having been used as a futon cover and stuffed with cotton fill: the cloth settled into the fill and these "creases" sort of set into the cloth. Perhaps repeated ironing or use will mitigate these marks which, as they are, are subtle.

A lovely length of kasuri with great meaning embedded into the cloth.

A Length of Egasuri: Sparely Arranged Auspicious Symbols