A Length of Boldly Patterned Katazome Cotton: Folding Fans

$55.00 USD

early twentieth century
37" x 13 1/2", 94 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed katazome cotton that is hand woven from beautiful hand spun cotton yarns.

The pattern shown on the cloth is unusual: it shows a set of four folding fans arranged to form a square design. This square design is repeated up the length of the cloth. One of the fans shows the Japanese flag while the others bear the hiragana syllables ta, i and ko, perhaps a reference to Japanese drums.

The length is quite faded and the home spun yarns are very evident as is a stain which is pictured in the lead photo.

There is one mending patch and there is also a desirable detail: you will note a blank space with writing on the lower, left hand side of this length. This is the end of what would have been the full bolt of material.

The graphic appeal of this length along with the unusual type of pattern shown on it make it a curious and attractive length of old katazome in spite of its small damage.