A Length of Blue-on-White Katazome: Double Shippo Tsunagi

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
50" x 13", 127 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of jishiro katazome cotton which means the cloth was dyed using a stencil resist technique and the pattern is blue-on-white.

And the pattern is very interesting.  It is based on the Buddhist motif called shippo tsunagi which is interlocking circles and is often seen on folk textiles.  But look carefully: the interlocking circle motif is done in two ways and it is "layered."  

In the background is a rendering of this motive that is done in wide, stippled blips; overlaid on to this is an interlocking circle motif that is done in fairly narrow, very dark blue lines.  The combination is rich, dense and beautifully graphic.

The condition of this wonderful katazome cloth is used, with overall wear with some concentrated areas of fading on the right hand side and some wonderful, small patching.  The condition is not surprising for a length of cloth that is 100 years old.


A Length of Blue-on-White Katazome: Double Shippo Tsunagi