A Length of Beautifully Faded, Complex Katazome Cotton: Boro

$75.00 USD

late nineteenth century
50" x 14", 127 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a very beautiful length of katazome dyed cotton which shows great age, beautiful, faded color, a complex pattern--and two sides which each can be admired for their own qualities.

The side highlighted here, the "wrong" side of the cloth, is patched with three, long, vertically oriented pieces of cotton which are hand stitched to the base.

The other side of the cloth, the proper "right" side is wonderfully faded, so much so that it makes very apparent the hand spun cotton yarns which were used to weave this length of cloth.  The pattern is complex.  Basically it is a repeat of octagons, inside of which is a stylized chrysanthemum.  

Running in between these even spaced octagons is a network of swastikas, a Buddhist symbol in this case, which are resist dyed to appear as wisteria.  The octagons and stylized chrysantemums are over dyed with a black/grey colored dye, giving this pattern richness and depth of color.

A wonderful length of old cloth, beautifully aged and marvelously preserved.


A Length of Beautifully Faded, Complex Katazome Cotton: Boro