A Lavishly Patched Katazome Boro Panel: Karakusa

$115.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
70" x 13", 178 cm x 33 cm

This luscious length of resist dyed cotton boro is constructed from four separate pieces of cloth that have been stitched together to make one length.

The pattern of the base cloth is the result of katazome or stencil resist dyeing; the pattern shown here is stylized chrysanthemums amid an arabesque or karakusa design.

Onto the cloth are sewn about a dozen patches, some of which are layered and overlapping, lending a beautifully asymmetrical air of happenstance to the piecing and patching of this boro length.

The cotton is indigo dyed and is hand loomed. 

A beautiful length of cloth, rich in color, pattern and patches.

A Lavishly Patched Katazome Boro Panel: Karakusa