A Large Rectangular Cotton Bag: Hand Written Place Name

$85.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
39" x 18", 99 cm x 46 cm

This large bag looks like a modern-day pillow case both in its size and construction.

It is hand stitched of scraps of old cotton cloth and it is fully lined. There is a very nice, visual contrast between the cotton cloth that was hand stitched together to make the bag and the cotton seems to have been recycled from old, every day kimono.

One of the most interesting details about the bag is the hand written white piece that is attached to the front of the bag which tells that it comes from a place called Kamiyama in present day Nara Prefecture.

As can be seen on the attendant detail photos here, there is some ingrained staining on the proper back of the bag which is somewhat difficult to see and does not at all detract from the simple beauty of the piece.

Just lovely.