A Large Grey Colored Boro Cotton Textile: Resist Dyed Crests

$396.00 USD

**reduced from $495.00**
early twentieth century
70" x 63", 178 cm x 160 cm

This is a large-sized, grey colored cotton boro cloth which is composed of about six widths of cloth, five or so of them stitched left-to-right and the sixth on the top.

The patches on the cloth are beautifully arranged, albeit by happenstance or by need. This is the magic of boro textiles, the fact that their beauty is completely unplanned and unintentional.

We see fractured, large-sized resist dyed family crests that show stylized oak leaves or kashiwa.

Many patches of different tones of white, neutral and dark stud the surface of the piece with the congregation of them on the left hand side especially attractive.

The cotton is of a good weight, almost like that of a lightweight canvas. The size is also good.

This piece looks surprisingly good when placed against the light which shows in wonderful, almost X-ray-like detail the layers of patches and the holes under the patches.

This is a very good boro cloth with a lot of visual appeal and with wonderful potential applications for the home: as art, as decor or as inspiration.