A Large Beautifully Pieced Drawstring Bag: Wonderful

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
11" x 13" x 13", 28 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm

Drawstring bags hand stitched from leftover cloth were a staple of Japanese life, whether they were used for storage, for everyday errands, for transport or, in some cases, for offerings of rice to temples at festival times, these ritual offering bags being called komebukuro. 

This large-sized drawstring bag is made of a beautiful array of old cottons which are arranged in what appears to be a fairly random configuration. The palette of colors is rich and warm and there are about 21 individual pieces of cotton hand stitched together to create this good-sized bag.

Pay special attention to the bottom panel which is intricately put together and is very attractive--interesting to note that this panel, the most elaborate of all, was not meant to be seen.

In good, used condition. 

A Large Beautifully Pieced Drawstring Bag: Wonderful