A Katazome and Chusen Dyed Diaper: Tattered Cotton

$30.00 USD

mid twentieth century
26 1/4" x 12 1/4", 66.5 cm x 31 cm

This gauzy, tattered cotton cloth measures as noted above, when in reality it is twice that since this is a length of cotton that has been stitched as a "tube," short end to short end.

This is a traditional, Japanese diaper which were very often made of recycled cottons as this one has been.  It shows two types of faded cloth: one is a very pale blue katazome or patterned stencil resist dyed cotton while the other is a very faded miura shibori piece that has been overdyed in the chusen method: the flowers, probably camelias, are dyed using the chusen technique.

The cloth is quite worn, faded and in some places it is torn, as can be seen in the accompanying detail photographs. 

This fragile beauty is lovely piece of every day fabrics used in old Japan, and the patterns imprinted on the cloth are delicate and beautiful, even today.

A Katazome and Chusen Dyed Diaper: Tattered Cotton