A Kasuri Dyed Hemp Tsunobukuro: Mended Horn Bag

$265.00 USD

early twentieth century
46" x 16", 117 cm x 40.5 cm

This is a tsunobukuro, or horn bag, so called because of its construction: this bag is one length of cloth sewn on the bias, the result being the two "horns" which show at the top of the bag.

This particular tsunobukuro is hand stitched from faded and used hemp kasuri or ikat cloth; the indigo dyed cloth is of good weight and shows a small, all over pattern.   What is interesting or unusual about this bag is that the body of it is two layers thick: by looking at the attached detail photos you will see there are rows of stitches, widely spaced, all over the bag.  These stitches are used to hold the two layers of cloth together--and in so doing, the holes that you can see on the detail photos do not penetrate the entire bag, instead they are only on the one layer of the cloth.

The bag shows one large patch of indigo dyed kasuri cloth and some holes to one of its layers.

For the serious collector of Japanese bast fibers of old, rural cloth, this bag is a welcome addition to your collection.

Very recommended.  A beautiful tsunobukuro.

A Kasuri Dyed Hemp Tsunobukuro: Mended Horn Bag