A Kasuri and Shibori Sashiko Stitched Under-Kimono: Layers

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
43 1/2" x 44 1/2", 110.5 cm x 113 cm

This is a full-sized under-kimono that is well-constructed from two layers of cloth that are sashiko stitched together: this is a lined garment hand stitched from re-purposed cottons.

Even though this appears to be a kimono that one would wear in public, in fact it is a heavy weight under garment that was no doubt worn under an every day either in cold climates or in winter.

The outside of this juban or under kimono is made from indigo dyed kasuri on the top and a large-repeat shibori on the bottom. The shibori pattern is that of tortoiseshell, the hexagonal form in Japanese design suggests this image.

The inside is lined with mainly old, faded, recycled indigo dyed cottons and their subtle and varied tones makes for a beautifully soft arrangement of color.

There are multi-colored small cotton details which finish the sleeves near the body of the juban and a narrow band of cotton velour finishes the sleeve's end.

This is a very sturdily made juban that can easily be worn on a regular basis as outerwear or as garment. It still has a good deal of life left in it.