A Jishiro Katazome Han Juban: Heavy Cotton

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
27" x 50", 68.5 cm x 127 cm

This garment is made of fairly heavyweight cotton and is dyed in the jishiro katazome or blue-on-white method. The repeat pattern is an abstract one based on an embellished grid. 

Because the cotton is heavy in weight it would seem that this is a jacket rather than an undergarment, but it makes sense that it was used as a han juban or a half under-kimono because of the vibrant design of the cloth. Still, it could have been used as a hanten or jacket, we just do not know.

What is clear, though, is that the complex design is beautifully rendered and that the jacket is in good condition for its age. There is some slight wear to the piece, some fading, and there is a hole on one of the sleeves which is depicted on the accompanying detail photograph.

In the world of katazome jishiro is known to be a more difficult technique than the white-on-blue katazome of which more is available. Jishiro katazome is usually more considered and is often scaled-up in price from the white-on-blue varieties.

A beautiful garment whether it was used as an under garment or as outer wear.