A Green Colored Rustic Obi: Textured Kimono Sash

$85.00 USD

mid twentieth century
114" x 6", 289.5 cm x 15 cm 

This is a very good looking obi or a rustic, traditional kimono sash that gives the appearance that it is woven from rag yarn when in fact it is woven from thick cotton yarn.

The warp yarns are of very fine, black dyed thread, possibly rayon, and the weft yarns are heavy, predominantly green colored yarns that when woven against the black warp are enriched and darkened in tone. The intermittent grey colored horizontal bars are also deepened in tone by the black warp.

There are several areas on this obi that show loss of the warp yarns where the weft one are exposed.

The deep green color of this obi, for some reason, is one that is not often seen which adds interest to this kimono sash.