A Full Bolt of Unused Narumi Shibori: Cotton

$280.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 12 1/2 yards x 14", 11 m x 35.5 cm

This is a full bolt of indigo dyed shibori cotton that was most likely made in Narumi, a center of shibori production. This unused bolt was intended to be stitched into a yukata, an unlined, casual summer kimono.

The pattern is playful and bright: it consists of a large repeat of a pair of flowers against a dappled, shibori ground. As can easily be seen, one of the flowers is large in scale and shows alternating pink and white petals. Green has been added to enrich the leaves of both flowers and a beautiful yellow tint has been dyed into the flower next to it.

The bolt has never been used and in an attempt to preserve its more-or-less pristine condition and its unopened state it has not been fully inspected. There does not seem to be any discoloration or damage to the bolt but as it has not yet been looked at there is no certainty of that, however it is very unlikely there would be any damage to the interior since it is unused.

This is a truly marvelous--and rare--thing to own.

Very recommended.

A Full Bolt of Unused Narumi Shibori: Cotton