A Bolt of Shibori Dyed Cotton: Large Flowers

$275.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
9 yards +16"  x 13" or  8.6 meters x 33 cm

This is a bolt of never-used, straight-from-the-dyer cotton shibori, the indigo color probably not botanical, or possibly it is a mix of botanical and synthetic dyes.

In any case, it is a treasure to find this much pristine shibori in one continuous piece, so please pay special attention to this post if this interests you.

As you unwind this bolt you will see that the width of the cotton widens and narrow considerably as it follows the shibori dyed pattern of the cloth. This is a result of the cloth being shaped in order to make the shibori dyed repeat pattern that is represented on it.

The pattern is that of large-scale flowers and sideways undulating lines.  As the bolt has never been used it still shows the wonderful puckers and surface changes from having been tied before it was dyed--as well, there is a series of paper tags affixed to one edge of the cloth and the tags are shown on the accompanying photographs here.

A beautiful and rare piece.


A Bolt of Shibori Dyed Cotton: Large Flowers