A Full Bolt of Shibori Cotton: Camellias

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
12 yards x 14 1/2", 10.9 m  x 37 cm

This is a full, unused bolt of indigo dyed cotton shibori which was no doubt destined to become a yukata or an unlined, casual kimono.

The boldly graphic pattern is a repeat of camellias, the images being large-scale and deeply colored.

The cotton is machine loomed.

The selvedge edges of this length show some slight yellowing or ingrained dirt on their extreme edges.

At one end of the bolt the undyed cotton shows very, very faint small splotches of discoloring, almost unnoticeable and more than likely easy to remove with a quick wash.

The bolt is a luxurious thing to own since there are so few to be had; were it put to use there would be myriad projects to be made from it.


A Full Bolt of Shibori Cotton: Camellias