A Full Bolt of Arimatsu Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$225.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 11 yards x 8", approximately 11.5 m x 20 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed shibori cotton from Arimatsu, a location in Japan which is well-known for its shibori production.

The bolt is tacked closed so it has not been opened for its length to be measured. Based on the length of traditional kimono bolts this one is estimated to be about 11 yards or 11.5 meters.

The shibori is all-over and is made by thousands of tiny tie dyes: the cotton cloth has been so affected by the large amount and the tight tying of the shibori that the width has contracted to a fraction of its original width, probably 13" or 33 cm.

The bolt is in seemingly good condition with no obvious damage. The tight shibori is very much like that of an obiage or a cloth that is wrapped around the body and tucked under an obi.

A wonderful opportunity to own a full bolt of unused vintageĀ shibori.


A Full Bolt of Arimatsu Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton