A Full and Intact Vintage Mokume Shibori Bolt: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$525.00 USD

early twentieth century
as shown: 13" x 9" x 2", 33 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm

This full bolt of mokume or "wood grain" indigo dyed cottonĀ shibori, wrapped as it is and with its original label, is of a type of old Japanese textile that extremely hard to find and is to beĀ considered very rare. It is a pleasure to offer this.

If the seal of the bolt is broken it would measure about 13 yards or 12 meters, long enough to fashion one full kimono or yukata.

It is in seemingly pristine or "mint" condition with only a slight discoloration from age on the back of the bolt.

As the bolt is still stitched shut as it was when it was first made it is impossible to know what the condition of the cloth inside the bolt is, but we can assume that the condition is good.

The elaborately stitched closure, the original label, and luxurious red tassel that adorns this closed bolt all make for an exciting find: please pay special attention to the detail photos to see clearly that the pleats in the cloth are still very defined as are the needle holes which are a reminder that this length was stitched from side to side and pulled tight before dyeing in order to achieve the wood grain effect characteristic of mokume shibori.

Very recommended.

A Full and Intact Vintage Mokume Shibori Bolt: Indigo Dyed Cotton