A Fragment of a Katazome Sampler Roll: Mihon

$175.00 USD

ate nineteenth century
41 1/2" x 13 1/2", 105.5 cm x 34 cm

This beautiful length of indigo dyed katazome--a dyer's sampler--is a collector's item.

It shows 5 different katazome patterns: this length is a section from a bolt that would have contained many more samples. Because the two short edges of the length are turned over and stitched we can see that this section of a sample roll was repurposed for another use.

The indigo color is beautiful in tone and the patterns are of a medium size.

Please note there is a faint stain running up the center of the cloth which is shown on the detail photos which accompany this post. The length was washed but the faint stain remains: please see the detail photos here for a better view.

This section of a sample bolt is something that will give a great deal of joy over a long time, as each of the patterns is fascinating and calls to mind daily life in old Japan.