A Four Panel Warp and Weft Zanshi ori Cotton Cloth: Machine Spun Yarns

$196.00 USD

**reduced from $245.00**
mid twentieth century
54" x 49", 137 cm x 124.5 cm

This square-shaped lightweight cotton textile is machine stitched together from four panels of zanshi ori cloth, that is to say cloth that is woven from left over yarns.

The cloth does not seem hand woven nor are the yarns hand spun but it is the wonderful warp and weft leftover yarn effect that is so dazzling to look at.

The large-scale checked design is woven from discarded kasuri or ikat yarns. When woven in a random manner which is the hallmark of zanshi ori we get the effect seen here, a kind of blurry, visual "white noise" in the passages of cloth that are woven with repurposed yarns.

The three hand applied cotton patches add a subtle break to the regular plaid pattern. The plaid in itself is interesting because if you look at each panel you will see that the right and left side of each panel is basically a tonal reversal of itself: white-on-blue and blue-on-white.

A very interesting and very beautiful used of zanshi ori and one that is not so usual for its use of leftover yarns for both warp and weft.