A Fantastic Length of Hand Woven Cotton: Weft Faced Cloth from Fukui Prefecture

$175.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
86" x 12 1/4", 218.5 cm x 31 cm 

In the accompany photos, it was difficult to capture the beautiful, subtle details which define this marvelous length of cloth--1/2 of a long, work garment--which was woven in Mikuni, Fukui Prefecture.

This length of indigo dyed cotton shows a warp of thick, white cotton yarns.  The indigo dyed weft--a variegated and faded sapphire blue color--is fed so tightly against the warp that none of the white warp yarns can be seen, and  the surface has a narrow, "channel-like" effect, with a bit of the flavor of corduroy.

This is exceptionally strong and thick cloth which is why it was fashioned into a work garment.  Here we have 1/2 the bodice or body of the coat.  The collar and sleeves are missing, but this beautiful length remains.

Pay special attention to the sashiko stitched "notch" in the middle of the piece as this is where the length would have folded over the body when it was sewn up as a garment.

Note as well the soft and beautiful light fading, as well as a few areas of surface abrasion, all of which add character and charm to this wonderful length of old hand loomed cotton.