A Fanciful Piece Constructed Silk Drawstring Bag: Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse

$165.00 USD

ca. late 1940s
8" x 10" x 10", 20.25 cm x 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm

This charming and brightly colored piece-constructed silk drawstring bag was clearly hand made with the intention to delight a child.

The bag, called a kinchaku, is completely hand stitched and its vibrantly colored silks are effective in capturing the attention of a child--as is the lovely surprise on the bottom of the bag.

If you turn over the bag you will see a panel taken from a kid's kimono showing (an off-brand) Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Just delightful.

The square silk pieces that compose the bag--all re-purposed--appear to be commercially loomed.

All the pieces are set on a diagonal to create a diamond effect around the bag. They seem to have been backed with paper so the seams are as straight as possible.

The bag is in very good condition. The cord used to draw the bag closed is more than likely original to the bag.

Such a lovely object with such a lovely intention.