A Faded Length of Richly Patterned Cotton: Katazome

$60.00 USD

early twentieth century
41" x 12 1/2", 104 cm x 31.75 cm

What a handsome length of old, indigo dyed katazome cotton.

The repeat pattern is based on hexagons and diamonds, the hexagons being a reference to tortoiseshell which is a pattern used to convey a wish for long life.

Inset into the large-scale hexagons and diamonds we see highly stylized chrysanthemums. The length is quite worn and faded overall which adds to its charm. However when the cloth was new there is indication that the pattern was bright and strong showed three tones: indigo, white and rust-colored orange which is now faded or washed away.

This length is hand stitched from two pieces, and the seam joining the two is easily seen in the accompanying detail photos.

Beautifully bold, and indicative of old Japan, this is a marvelous length of old katazome cloth.