A Faded Length of Complex Katazome: Beautiful Pattern

$80.00 USD

late nineteenth century
37" x 12", 94 cm x 30.5 cm

This length of beautifully faded and worn katazome dyed cotton shows a repeat pattern that is cloud-like. It is composed of stylized elements that seem to depict ivy, brick walls, gourds and, yes, clouds.

The design is executed in a freehand, painterly sort of way--the hand carved stencils used to resist this pattern were intentionally cut to create the illusion of hand drawing.

The length is stitched from two separate pieces and as can be seen easily from viewing the accompanying photographs the pattern is quite faded and abraded. On the proper, upper-right hand corner of the piece there is a triangle of slightly less faded cloth. Just opposite it is a slight bit of loss to the selvedge area.

Still, this is a wonderful length of old katazome dyed cotton with great age and a decidedly nineteenth century feeling.


A Faded Length of Complex Katazome: Beautiful Pattern