A Boro Shibori Yukata: Mino and Large Diamonds

$175.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
49" x 47", 124.5 cm x 119.5 cm

This marvel is a very well used, slightly damaged and kind of repaired old cotton shibori yukata which was hand dyed in indigo.

The graphic appeal is instantaneous and the bold design is unusual and collectible.  The top half of the yukata with its radiating lines emanating from the neck part of the kimono, is dyed in a motif called mino, a reference to the thatched straw rain cape which was worn in old Japan.  Mino kimono when they are beautifully dyed with luxuriously radiating lines are extremely rare.

The bottom half of this yukata shows a field of large, diamond shapes which play around the garment on front and back.  Note the center of the garment where there is a stitched seam: the yukata is pleated here and is stitched closed; it is not created from two separate pieces.

Pay attention, too, to the various areas of wear and loss to the yukata: the large hole in the proper back, the frays and holes under the arms, the big patched repair to the proper front, right side, etc.

As this fine yukata has gone the way of boro, it is still a remarkably good looking piece and with its mino and diamond patterns, it is extremely unusual and very attractive.


A Boro Shibori Yukata: Mino and Large Diamonds