A Distressed Antique Lacquer Footed Tray: Slightly Uncircular

$395.00 USD

late nineteenth/early twentieth century
3" x 14 1/4" diameter, 7.5 cm x 36 cm

This is a lacquered and well-used, almost-round, footed wood hinomaru-bon or a serving/eating tray which was used on special occasions.

The beauty of it is in its rich, dark red lacquer color which has been abraded by time and use; likewise the body of the piece equally shows the effects of time and wear--and it has developed a certain kind of soulful appeal as a result of that.

The size is good as is the color. The hinomaru-bon is a richly attractive--and this kind of worn and burnished-by-time type of good quality folk item is increasingly difficult to find.

It is ready to be used, to be admired and to be cared for. It is a beautiful object, of that there is no doubt.