A Cotton Sodenashi: Sashiko Stitched Gusset and Details

$188.00 USD

reduced from $235.00
ca. mid twentieth century
26" x 14", 66 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a wonderful and tidy little hand sewn vest, still very wearable.

This kind of country garment is referred to as a sodenashi, the Japanese word meaning without sleeves, or sleeveless.

It is constructed of recycled cotton cloth and it is lined.  Its lining is a fabulous, indigo dyed checked cotton and the exterior of the garment is of subtle and dark striped cotton.

But it is the details of the garment that hold most of the allure: inserted into the back, nape area of the sodenashi is a gusset of sashiko stithced cotton; the pattern is that of the persimmon flower.  The insertion of a gusset such as this one is a fairly standard feature of sodenashi of this type, and this one is particularly nice for its pattern.

As well, the white stitched closures down the back of the piece and up the sides is a nice feature, and is well done.

This is a really charming and authentic country garment, in wonderful condition, and quite handsome.