A Boro Sleeve: 19th Century Twill Cotton

$35.00 USD

mid to late 19th century
23 1/2" x 14", 60 cm x 35.5 cm

This small boro cloth is hand stitched from a kind of indigo dyed, nappy-textured, twill cotton cloth, one that is very much associated with the 19th century in Japan.  It is said that this kind of cloth is relate to a place called Moka in Tochigi prefecture, but we are not terribly sure of more details beyond this.

However, the quality of this type of cloth is beautiful and it usually shows this fantastic, cornflower blue color: the brushed quality of the cotton brings out the richness of the pale blue indigo dye.

The cloth is intrinsically strong and durable and this sleeve fragment was stitched from two different pieces.  As can be seen, it is patched and shows a few holes.

Still, this is a wonderful, small boro piece with very good age.

A beauty. 

A Boro Sleeve: 19th Century Twill Cotton