A Book of Stenciled Patterns: Forty-eight Different Designs

$395.00 USD

early twentieth century or late Meiji, Taisho eras
when closed: 6" x 8", 15 cm x 20.25 cm

This is a book of remarkably interesting designs--48 of them--each of which is stenciled onto translucent washi or handmade Japanese paper.

The patterns are mainly riffs on traditional Japanese motif and being that the book is from the era it is it is not surprising to find that some of the designs reflect on those of the Wiener Werkstatte whose textile and ornamental designs were famously influenced by Japanese katagami or fabric design stencils used in the katazome process.

This book is a treasure trove of invention and tradition, more precisely it is a wonder of the confluence of these two opposing ideas.

So many beautiful patterns to see and to be inspired by this small book packs a punch: it is a visual feast that can nourish the imagination for a lifetime.