A Bolt of Itajime Shibori: Unused and Maker's Mark

$245.00 USD

mid twentieth century
10 yards x 13", 9.1 m x 33 cm

This is a bolt of indigo dyed cotton shibori which was dyed in the clamp-dye method called itajime.

The repeat pattern on this bolt is a fanciful yet regular placement of small, six-pointed flower designs which are very deep blue and are in contrast to the pure white of the cotton.

The bolt is seemingly unused and is in very good condition. Please note that on one of the detail photos here a stamp on one end of the bolt is shown which is likely the maker's mark.

This is a marvelous thing for anyone wanting to either collect a treasured full bolt of shibori or for someone wanting to put this use in a fashion design or home design project.

Beautiful and recommended.