A Beautifully Subtle Katazome Length: Shippo Tsunagi

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth century
55" x 13", 139.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of very faded, beautifully subtle, indigo dyed katazome cotton.

It shows a large-scale repeat of delicately rendered shippo tsunagi, a borrowed Chinese motif that is often seen on traditional Japanese textiles. Within this field of interlocking circles is a spray of hollyhock leaves, artfully placed within a background of small, white dots.

Because this length is old and was used hard, it is quite faded as can be easily seen in the accompanying detail photos.  Likewise, because of its long life as a utilitarian textile there are some subtle stains to be seen on its surface, again, detailed on the photos attached here.

Still, this is a really, really wonderful length of old katazome showing a particularly good pattern.