A Beautifully Stencil Dyed Cotton Kataginu: Theater Costume with Gradient Patterns

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
25 1/2" x 31", 65 cm x 79 cm

This type of garment is probably familiar looking to many of you: it is called a kataginu and was to top half of an outfit called kamishimo which worn by samurai through the Edo period.

In this case, although it is fashioned in the traditional manner, this early 20th century version is a stage costume. You can see that it is lined in shibugami which is a kakishibu or green persimmon tannin dyed sheet of paper. 

What is also apparent and what is the beauty of the piece is that it is dyed with two distinct patterns in two different colors; the point of transition between the two patterns is a wonderful, soft blank space.

The family crests seen on the front of the kataginu are not dyed on but rather they are applied. As can be seen on one of the accompanying detail photos here there is a faint, coin-sized stain to the proper right, back, top of the garment.

This is a beautiful conceived garment; it shows wear and age but overall it is in good, used condition.