A Beautifully Pieced, Unused Sodenashi: Padded

$345.00 USD

mid twentieth century
shoulder to hem: 29 1/2", 75 cm
shoulder to shoulder: 12 1/2", 31.5 cm
widest part to widest part: 18 1/2", 47 cm

This is a lightly padded sodenashi, a type of garment which literally means "without sleeves." Sodenashi of different types were worn all over Japan and each type had a specific use; often certain forms of sodenashi were used for work.

This one seems never to have been used. It is hand stitched from beautiful blocks of repurposed cotton cloth. The cloth is arranged in such a way that there appears to have been an attempt to produce a symmetrical or balanced design.

The cloth that comprises this vest is all taken from other garments or bedding: the colors are still clear and pleasing and the arrangement of blocks is the same.

The vest is pieced both inside and out and its overall effect is one of simple, hand made beauty.

One can only imagine the pride felt by the maker of this beautiful garment after it was all done. It is a lovely thing, for sure.