A Beautifully Pieced Boro Cotton Kimono: Large Scale Patterns

$325.00 USD

mid twentieth century
46 1/4" x 46", 117.5 cm x 117 cm

This is a really beautiful mid-twentieth century (mainly) cotton kimono that shows a wild range of over-sized repeat patterns, inside-and out.

Highlighted here is the proper inside of the kimono which, as you can see, is a random hodgepodge of all sorts of cotton cloth, all of it clashing is size, color and pattern.

If you glimpse further into the coat, looking at the accompanying detail photos, you will see the proper outside of the kimono which, again, shows a wild combination of very large patterns, again discordant and beautiful for that reason. The sleeves on the proper outside of the coat, not shown in photos here, are of mousseline, a kind of very lightweight wool that as in this case, is quite moth-eaten.

Inside and out this is a remarkably vibrant kimono and one that clearly illustrates the boldness in dress that was common in the early-to-mid twentieth century in Japan.