A Beautifully Patched Furoshiki: Bold Visual Impact

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
36" x 33 1/2", 91.5 cm x 85 cm 

This is a very handsome patched cotton furoshiki which is a traditional carrying cloth. Its base cloth is wide and commercially woven, however the beautiful patches which stud the surface of the furoshiki are, by and large, hand woven.

The large, central blue square is not just a bold design element. It is placed there for reinforcement and support as this cloth was used for storing and hauling loads. The center of the cloth is permanently stretched and therefore the cloth does not hang flat but rather it hangs with a bit of a sag or a bubble in its center.

The arrangement of small fragments of cotton around this bold center is beautiful.

Note the stain to the proper, right-hand side of the cloth and the small tear to the upper, right-hand corner.

A beautiful, every day cloth from old Japan.


A Beautifully Patched Furoshiki: Bold Visual Impact