A Patched and Worn Hemp Kaya Section: Faded and Long

$95.00 USD
early twentieth century
80" x 12", 203.5 cm x 30.5 cm

This handsome piece of beautifully patched hemp mosquito netting is very long and beautiful for its pale, faded blue-green-blue color, for its rustic texture and for its repair.

It is a length of kaya or mosquito netting: the yarns are wiry and hand plied and their color tone is a warm, rich blue/green. The texture is good and the weave is slightly loose.

The piece shows 4 cotton patches in all and they all are hand stitched to the length of kaya--there is one rust colored stain shown on the last detail photo that accompanies this post.

This is an exceptionally lovely piece of old, hand woven hemp cloth with good length, color and structure.