A Beautifully Mended, Worn and Faded Boro Kimono: Both Sides Equally Interesting

$795.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
43" x 46", 109 cm x 117 cm

For those who have been looking for a wonderful, old indigo dyed cotton boro kimono to display or to add to your collection consider this one.

It is beautiful to look at from each of its four sides: inside and out, front and back: each view is marvelous, quirky and exactly what you would hope to see in an artfully made boro kimono.

The lead photos here show the proper inside. As can be seen the inside is patched from many different kinds of (mostly) indigo dyed cotton a good amount of which is hand woven. The cottons are arranged and layered in a functional, not a contrived, way which creates the beautiful aura of happenstance that is the hallmark of boro textiles. Note some of the eccentric stitching used to sew the patches.

The proper outside is composed almost entirely of dark blue kasuri dyed cotton which has been mended and patched. What is also very noticeable are the clouds of light fading that appear on the surface of the exterior of the kimono. As well, the cloth shows surface abrasion, small tears and holes, both inside and out, however the "damage" is not noticeable and blends entirely into the spirit of the piece.

This is a really, lovely, well-"boroed" cotton kimono.