A Beautifully Figured Length of Tsumugi Silk: Patches

$95.00 USD

late nineteenth century
39" x 14 1/4", 99 cm x 36 cm

This is a length of tsumugi or "raw" silk that is lightweight and super drapey--and beautifully patterned and dyed. This length is hand stitched from two separate pieces and it was taken from a futon cover. The seam joining the two pieces is open slightly on the proper, right hand side.

The overall color is a warm indigo blue that is enriched by a delicate and lacey network of images and patterns, some of them undyed and some of them stenciled orange using bengara or iron oxide derived pigment.

The motifs shown on the cloth are chrysanthemum, hexagon or tortoiseshell, and intermittent single images of flowers and butterflies.

There is a handful of patches on the surface which add a lovely contrast to the base cloth.

A really beautiful length of old, katazome dyed silk.