A Beautifully Faded Katazome Panel: Tortoiseshell

$75.00 USD

late nineteenth century
56" x 13", 142 cm x 33 cm

This beautifully faded length of indigo dyed cotton was dyed in the stencil resist or katazome method.  It was taken from a futon cover.

The pattern is complex and lovely. We see a repeat pattern of hexagons, or tortoise shell, amid a background of trailing vine or arabesque.  The ground around the hexagons and the arabesque is a field of small, dots. Within the frame of the hexagon is a beautifully rendered, stylized chrysanthemum.

The indigo has faded to a soft grey-blue color and there is the slightest hint of orange dye--now long gone--which used to be in the center of the chrysanthemum and on the stylized leaves that grace the arabesque.

Very handsome.

A Beautifully Faded Katazome Panel: Tortoiseshell