A Beautifully Designed Katazome Length: Sarasa-Like

$120.00 USD

late nineteenth century
39" x 13 1/4", 99 cm x 33.5 cm

This is an absolutely beautiful length of indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth.  It shows a repeat pattern of large-scale chrysanthemums that have been detailed with an orange-colored pigment called bengara.  Bengara is derived from iron oxide and its name is a Japanese corruption of Bengal.

This Indian association is interesting in this particular case because it is highly probably that this design was influenced by Indian trade cloth or what the Japanese call sarasa: have a look at this Indian palampore to see this possible design connection.

And look carefully at the beautifully detailed flower petals, each studded with countless tiny dots which add delicacy and vitality to the overall design.

In good, used condition.


A Beautifully Designed Katazome Length: Sarasa-Like