A Beautiful Two Panel Boro Textile: Good Age

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth century
63" x 24 3/4", 160 cm x 63 cm

This is an absolutely beautiful 2 panel boro piece that has wonderful age and shows a great many patches.  In fact, this piece is composed of several, separate pieces, some of them with strong diagonals, which means that this futon cover fragment was fashioned from what was once a kimono.  This aspect--the diagonal piecing--is visually alluring and makes for a more interesting boro textile than were it made of squared seams.

The base cloth is of a striped indigo and white cotton and it of very good age and the cotton yarns seem ; the actual color of the cotton cloth probably is a much truer blue than what the photographs here portray.  And look carefully at the marvelous age of the cloth and the many patches, all of them which seem to date to the manufacture of the base cloth, most likely the late 19th century.  This fact, the age and the seemingly same age of the patches makes this a desirable boro fragment.

Also, pay attention to the last detail photograph which shows very clearly a wonderful patch of old miura shibori: a great bonus to an already very good boro futon cover that is already rich in ito aji or thread flavor.

This is a very, very nice boro futon cover fragment, a treasure of old cloth and history.


A Beautiful Two Panel Boro Textile: Good Age