A Beautiful Length of Old Egasuri: Rare Image and Unusual Missing Warp

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth century
59" x 13 1/4", 150 cm x 33.5 cm

What a fabulous length of indigo dyed kasuri cotton--and one that shows some surprises.

The cotton on this piece is hand spun and hand woven, the fibers being soft and supple. This length was woven in San'in which produces a particularly beautiful pictorial kasuri weaving with a distinctive visual style. This length is a good representation of the kasuri weaving of San'in. 

It shows omoto or a Rohdea japonica, an ornamental plant that produces flowers and berries. It is not often depicted on textiles and the way it is depicted here--rustically and in a folk art manner--is beyond charming. Surrounding it are equally rustically realized butterflies and perhaps some kind of falling leaf or a strangely stylized butterfly, that is not clear.

Very odd is that the length is woven with missing warps which are plainly shown in the detail photos that accompany this post.

The length is made from pieces that are hand stitched together and there are a few mending patches to the length. Please note a partially loose, unstitched seam at the top of the length.

It is not easy to communicate how rare it is to seen the omoto motif woven into cloth and to see it done in this wonderful way makes this length something of a treasure.

This cloth is a bit fragile and it is best to be admired, not used in a project.