A Beautiful Length of Katazome Cotton: Anchors

$70.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
39" x 13", 99 cm x 33 cm

This is a beautiful length of katazome dyed cotton showing a somewhat unusual repeat pattern of anchors.  Anchors are a theme in textiles, well-known but not often seen, and anchors are usually associated with weddings and wedding trousseau paraphernalia, the reason being obvious: the anchor is a grounding device.

In this case the anchors are repeated on the diagonal and are resisted white against the blue background.  Within the anchor we see a texture which is the stylized image of a fishing net.

This piece of cloth, taken from a futon, is worn and beautifully faded; there is some surface patina and a tiny hole or two--as well as a small mending patch to the back, very common in all old textiles--and it is a lovely piece of cloth from old Japan.

A Beautiful Length of Katazome Cotton: Anchors