A Beautiful Cotton Taiten Shibori Yukata: Pale Red Dotted Under Pattern

$185.00 USD

mid twentieth century
56" x 48", 142.25 cm x 122 cm

It is always very exciting to be able to offer a taiten shibori garment on this webshop.

Taiten shibori, which is made by scrunching down a length of cloth against its thick, warp-directional yarns, is not easy to find--and often it is a particularly nice-looking pattern, as this one is.

This is a full yukata which is an unlined, casual kimono, often worn in summer.  It is made of a fairly lightweight, drapey cotton and it shows the all-over and very distinctive small pattern made by the taiten shibori technique.

What is unusual about this garment is that it shows a repeat of a faint red "dot" which appears in fairly dense sequencing on the entire piece.  Quite interesting, and something of a rarity.

The overall condition of this piece is good and worn.  The indigo dye is still quite strong, an there are no substantial stains or tears which detract from the beauty of the piece.