A Beautiful Boro Sashiko Stitched Bag: Rustic Sashiko

$325.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
31 1/4" x 11 1/4", 79.25 cm x 28.5 cm

This is a stunning, boro, sashiko stitched, boro bag. 

This lined, indigo dyed cotton bag shows beautiful stitching: a chain stitched, large kanji, a rustically done, wide swath of shippo tsunagi or interlocking circles, and a bottom area that is very densely stitched in a checkerboard pattern.  

So much stitching at the bottom of a bag indicates that it was intended to carry something heavy: often coins would be carried or stored in such bags, or sometimes tools or other heavy household paraphernalia.  

The hand spun cotton is woven densely.  And as is quite clear by looking at the bag, the bag has been through a long life of labor, as is evidenced by the very prominent mending to its face, to the fading and wear to the sashiko stitching, the forceful light fading that can be seen on the back of the bag, and the faint but clear discoloration to the white checkerboard sashiko stitching.

But have a second look at that wonderful sashiko stitching at the bottom of the bag: just wonderful--and those of you who know how to stitch know how time consuming is this kind of work.

A simply gorgeous, old, fine, boro bag, and one that is highly recommended.


A Beautiful Boro Sashiko Stitched Bag: Rustic Sashiko